What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

CSA's are mutually beneficially; it's an investment that the customer (you) makes in a local farm (us); the local farm (us) provides the customer (you) with a a variety of fresh produce on a weekly basis over the growing season.

When you subscribe to a Long Lane Farms CSA program, you are purchasing a share of fresh, naturally grown produce grown on our farm.

The benefit to you is that you are receiving fresh produts on a weekly basis, grown using natural and biointensive farming techniques, WITHOUT the use of chemicals.  You are also shopping local and supporting a family farm.  Although there are many benefits that we receive from our customers, the one that pertains to our CSA is that it allows us toorganize and plan our garden for the growing season.

How Does It Work?

Customers pay for their share up front at the beginning of the growing season, either by a one-time payment, or a flexible multi-payment option (to be paid in full prior to the first delivery).  This allows us to plan for our gardens (types of produce, amounts, etc.) as well as provides us the funds to purchase our growing materials, such as  seeds, compost and other needed products.

What Do You Get?

CSA shares may come in various sizes, either a basic share or a full share.  Customers will receive anywhere from 7-12 fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that are harvested from our garden on a weekly basis, throughout the entire growing season (typically 16 weeks, from mid-June to late-October.

CSA Share Options

Full Share

Basic Share

Vacation Share

The full share has been designed for families (4+) who love fresh, local produce.  This share will consist of 10-12 freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.  You can expect to see 2 green selections, 2 other greens/Asian greens, 2-3 root selections, 2 cucurbit selections, 2-3 brassicas, legumes, or nightshade selection, and 1 bonus fruit selection (season dependent)

Full Season (18 weeks, June 10 to October 13): $650.00

Half Season (9 weeks, July 1 to September 1): $350.00​​
The basic share has been designed for a couple or a small family who desire fresh local produce.  This share will consist of 7-9 freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.  You can expect to see 2 greens selections, 1 other green/Asian green, 1 onion selection, 1-2 root selections, 1 cucurbit, as well as 2 brassicas, legumes or nightshade selections, and 1 bonus fruit selection (season dependent).

Full Season (18 weeks, June 10 to October 13): $450.00

Short Season (9 weeks, July 1 to September 1): $250.00
The Vacation Share has been designed for those couples or families who take a couple of out-of-town trips over the summer, but don't want to waste a CSA Share.  You select either a Basic or Full Share and then have the flexibility to arrange to "miss" one or two CSAs (depending on whether you have chosen a full or half season), without losing money or having to double up shares

Full Season - Full Share (16 weeks, June 10 to October 13): $600.00

Full Season - Basic Share (16 weeks, June 10 to October 13): $400.00

Half Season - Full Share (8 weeks, July 1 to September 1): $325.00​​

Half Season - Basic Share (8 weeks, July 1 to September 1): $225.00​​

Sign Up
Sign Up
Sign Up

Accepted payment methods will include cash, cheque, or E-transfer.  Payments can be made in full, or done through a flexible, multi-payment option.  We require a $100.00 deposit within 7 days of sign up.  Half of your CSA must be paid by March 1, 2019.  The remainder of your CSA must be paid prior to the first pick up.

Pick Up

CSA shares will be available for pick up on Fridays at the farm between 4-8pm.  Pick up locations in addition to the farm will include Calabogie, Renfrew, Arnprior and Pembroke.  Exact location of pick up within the town will be determined based on customer need.  Please specify your desired pick up location when you sign up.   Please note that we require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you cannot pick up your CSA Share on a given week

Add Ons

Snark Coffee will be available to add to your CSA!!  Snark Coffee is freshly roasted in Arnprior, ON.  Coffee beans will come in 3/4 lb bag, and are $15.00.  You have the option to opt in when you sign up for your CSA, and payment will be weekly upon pick up.  We recommend opting in if you are interested, so we can have a good idea of how much coffee we need each week.  You can opt out at any time.  The following will be available:
- Nicaragua
- Honduras
- Snark Dark
- Tanzania
- Ethiopia
- Decaf


Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday
6:30am - 8:00pm